Email Design Tips And Practices + Free Templates

If you want to sound like a trustworthy and authoritative brand, email marketing is still one of the best strategies. It not only builds anticipation for your brand but will help you to create a loyal customer base along with great ROI.

And if you want to enjoy a 44% return on investment, you would need to design appealing and engaging emails. A pleasant-looking email design exponentially increases the chances of your emails getting a better open rate. You will also bring in more sales as a result of better-designed emails.

Wondering how to design an email to lead more sales and build your brand’s authority? Here we have listed down the 7 email design best practices along with free design templates. Let’s get you started. 

7 Email Design Best Practices 2022

If you’re looking for some email designing guidelines, the following 7 design tips and free templates will help you:

Select an Email Automation Tool

For any email marketing strategy to succeed, it is essential to have an email automation tool. This tool lets you manage your email campaigns, schedule emails, personalize them and add many design features to them. Most importantly, they provide you with many free email design templates, too which will make email designing much easier.

There are numerous quality email automation tools on the market. You can use tools like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, Hubspot, ConvertKit, etc. Or if you’re a SaaS business, a specific SaaS marketing automation tool like would be appropriate.

Structure the content

If you want your content to have better readability, you should structure it appropriately. Make sure that you are using the headlines properly and dividing your email content into different sections. It helps the readers in navigating through the email and also to get the gist of it with a quick look. 

Here’s an example of SaaS email marketing by Heroku, which has used a simple template but with the structuring and the division of the content, they have made it unique.

Opt for an Apt Template Type

Once you have structured your content completely, it is crucial to pick a template that suits the content. For this reason, choose the template according to the category your email falls in. For instance, if you are designing a transactional email, you cannot use newsletter email templates. 

In addition to that, you should consider the color theme of the template. Firstly, it needs to be consistent with your brand’s image. Secondly, make sure that the theme you are opting for is professional and appropriate for your niche of business or not.

Moreover, the typography of the template is also crucial as it might affect readability. Generally, you should not go for too fancy fonts and keep the font size at least 14 so it’s intelligible.  

Keep the emails Crisp & Concise

Another most crucial thing to consider is your content length. The content in your emails should always be to the point and crisp so that you do not waste the time of your subscribers. Add a catchy but relevant subject line and preview text to ensure that the reader knows what the email is about. Then write a short and brief email body in consistency with the subject line and preview.

Email conciseness also helps in making the emails mobile-friendly and responsive. It is especially important when you are writing the welcome, order confirmation, trial expiry, renewal, or dunning emails. Here is an example from SAAS renewal email templates by one of the best workspace communication tools, Slack.

Use Appealing Visuals

If you want to make your email design stand out, use appealing visuals. Visuals can add life to your content. If you are writing a long email, you can use some interesting images throughout to break the content. And, if you are discussing a complicated topic, you can use visuals to illustrate it for your audience. Here’s how Restream demonstrated how it works through this simple email.

You can also just use them as memes or funny animated gifs. In addition, you can share the smiling face of yours or your team’s too. This will make you sound more authentic and trustworthy. 

Use a Prominent CTA

If you want high conversions, one prominent call-to-action button is another crucial thing. Using multiple buttons in a single email can mislead your readers or divert their attention from your actual goal. That’s why the CTA you use in one email should be for achieving one single goal. For instance, if you want your subscribers to attend a webinar, there should not be any CTA for following you on your socials.

In addition, you should ensure that the readers can easily spot the CTAs in your email design. To highlight your CTA, you should use an irresistible phrase that compels them to take action.Here’s an example of creative CTA copy by HireVue.

Always Run an A/B Split Test

The last most important thing for the success of an email design is A/B split testing. For split testing, it is crucial to create different versions of your email. Then via this split test, you can compare and evaluate multiple versions of your email design. It would help you in identifying which color theme, font, CTA, and overall content of the email, are high converting.

Moreover, it will also help you in knowing what are the preferences of your subscribers. Along with that, you will be able to target certain segments of your subscriber’s list because of the A/B split test.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for getting high conversions. It not only gives your brand a loyal customer base but gives you great ROI, too. However, if you want your email marketing strategy to succeed, it’s necessary to learn some right ways of designing emails.

Here, we discussed the 7 email design tips along with a few free templates. With the help of these guidelines, you can easily create successful campaigns and scale your business.


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