List of Top 10 Content Marketing Software & Tool In 2021

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Percolate Content Marketing Software

1. Percolate

About Percolate : Percolate is a one-stop solution for the entire content marketing processing for businesses. It supports your teams in strategizing, planning, distributing and assessing the impact of your content marketing strategy. It has numerous benefits that help your teams in executing successful campaigns:

» Percolate helps in building campaigns that can be integrated across digital devices and platforms to give you the widest possible reach.
» It helps in calendaring and prioritizing your content, therefore, letting you stay ahead of your competition and meet deadlines.
» Percolate has inbuilt metadata models & analytics that help you in assessing the success of campaigns, investments, and content collaterals.

Mintent Content Marketing Software

2. Mintent

About Mintent : Mintent is the perfect content marketing platform to give you an intuitive hold on all your marketing activities. It helps in simplifying and automating the workflow amongst the teams so that all your marketing assets are centralized. Mintent also helps you in analyzing your audience groups based on their persona, purchase mapping, and profiles for effective strategy building. Some of the key features of Mintent are:

» Offers intelligent keyword insights from sources like Google Analytics, Backlink Anchor Text, Social Keywords, etc.
» Measures and evaluates your on-page elements like Title Tags, Headings, ALT image Tags, etc.
» Uses hyper-local SEO analytics to show your presence locally, nationally, and internationally.

Skyword Content Marketing Software

3. Skyword

About Skyword : Skyword is an award-winning content marketing platform that creates and executes seamless content marketing strategies across social media platforms. Your strategies are integrated with professional and expert teams of designers, writers, and videographers to let you command the attention of your audiences. Skyword helps businesses in building their dialogue with their consumers through these services:

» Ideating and developing your content strategy.
» Providing creative services to help you tell powerful brand stories.
» Support services like editorial management of your content.
» Inorganic amplification of your content.

Contently Content Marketing Software

4. Contently

About Contently : Contently is one of the few content marketing platforms that keeps your audiences at its core before it starts to maximize your content and returns on the investments. Contently produces excellent and engaging content that has a unifying reach across all marketing platforms. It has over 100,000 + designers, writers, photographers, and videographers on board that work tirelessly to transform digital marketing returns and experience. The benefits of using this software are:

» Let your content be heard and seen amongst the chaos and create actionable strategies.
» Let your teams collaborate intelligently and eliminate bottlenecks while exercising efficiency and consistency.
» Publish your content across platforms most suitable for your brand and business. Content Marketing Software


About : is a specialized content curation service that leads through intelligent knowledge of the dynamic markets that all businesses exist in. The teams at understand the information clutter and chaos and how to set your businesses apart from your competitors. The platform makes your marketing processes more efficient and worthy by bringing your teams under one performance umbrella. It lets you produce, distribute, and leverage content by:

» Creating excellent business websites and blogs.
» Providing niche personal branding services.
» Helping you with optimized content distribution.
» Supporting the creation of content hubs.

BuzzSumo Content Marketing Software

6. BuzzSumo

About BuzzSumo : BuzzSumo is an intelligent analytics platform that helps you asses and amplifies your content so as to achieve the maximum returns on your investments and establishing a great brand presence amongst your intended audiences. Some of the features that set you apart from your competition are:

» BuzzSumo delivers content insights to assess what most consumers are engaging with and what they are sharing the most.
» The platform’s search capabilities are exhaustive and extend up to the last year.
» BuzzSumo’s analysis activities scan all the social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, etc.

Contentools Content Marketing Software

7. Contentools 

About Contentools : Contentools takes you away from the cumbersome spreadsheets and automates your content market strategies in the most efficient way. It lets you visualize how your digital marketing space looks like and lets you leverage customer preferences better by:

» Contentools maps your content strategy including your editorial calendar to let you leverage digital time. This helps in bringing together your teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently.
» Contentool’s teams of experts and experienced professionals help you curate engaging and worthy content for your audiences. The software tools have inbuilt analytics and insights that enrich your strategies and let you gain the maximum possible returns.

Turtl Content Marketing Software

8. Turtl 

About Turtl : Turtl is unique software that ensures that your audiences engage with the content that you share. In fact, the software platform goes beyond recognition and enables your consumers to actually comprehend the content and recall it at the time of making a purchase decision. Turtl does it through:

» Creation of effective, engaging, and relevant content through its innovative and intuitive drag-and-drop editors.
» Turtl helps you in identifying the most optimum platforms for you to distribute it depending on the nature of your industry and the intended audiences.
» Turtl goes a step ahead and helps you in measuring the efficacy of your strategies by telling you precisely which specific parts of the content is liked by the audiences so that you can deliver better and more impactful content.

ContentStudios Content Marketing Software

9. ContentStudios

About ContentStudios : ContentStudios is one of the most powerful platforms for businesses and agencies that want to share excellent content consistently. This platform integrates all your social media channels and platforms like website, newsletters, E-books, social media platforms, etc. The benefits that ContentStudio brings forth are:

» ContentStudios analyses the content that best works for your particular industry and shares the insights with you.
» Its experienced and professional teams collaborate with your teams to create a proactive and intuitive editorial calendar from a single centralized source.
» ContentStudio also helps in measuring the reach and efficiency of your content by tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and using relevant metrics to assess the success of the strategies.

StoryChief Content Marketing Software

10. StoryChief 

About StoryChief : StoryChief is a professional tool that helps businesses in creating, planning, publishing & distributing, and analyzing effective and engaging content by:

» Helping you in streamlining your internal content managing processes that improve communication between teams.
» It also helps you in reducing the time required to publish content to your website, social media platforms, AMP channels, etc.
» The platform also tracks how effective your content is in engaging with the audiences by measuring it using analytics and insights against the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your strategy and business.


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