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Audiencer is the world’s most smartest and most deeply digging FB targeting interests research app that gives even newbies access to those untapped hidden interests that are impossible to get with default FB audience tool.

Audiencer Review

Audiencer is a completely cloud-based application. It works like a community where we all benefit.

You only need 3 clicks to log in to Audiencer to earn an absolute profit.

You just need to enter a keyword you want; then this software will automatically dig to generate revenue for you.

In the ads’ manager, you’re limited to 25 results for both the search function and the suggestions’ functionality.

At Audiencer, we’re using the Marketing API to bring you the full list of interests that would come as results of your searches.

Navigate further as much as you’d like and hand pick the best interests in your campaign.

Audiencer will help you leverage the “no one else” trick by showing you those interests that will put your ad in front of the most passionate users in your niche.

In just a few words, it’s that thing (topic, buzzword, public figure, brand, tool, etc) only the fanatics in your market will know about and nobody else.


Audiencer Price starts at $199 Lifetime

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  • Lightening Fast Start. Lightening fast access to interests that actually make money, never go wrong with your targeting ever.
  • More Profits, find perfect people for your products or offers every single time. Winners Every
  • Time make each one of your campaigns turn green.
  • Intuitive UI is better and more organized UI than the default FB Audience Insights Tool
  • In the cloud, Audiencer is a 100% cloud based software as a service.
  • Works on any device or browser, PC, Mac, Win OS, Android or iOS, Audiencer works on all devices and with all browsers.
  • World’s most powerful and most advanced FB’s audience analyzer and interests extractor.
  • Audiencer uncover even those interests FB tries to hide during regular searches. Cut down your research time by 50% by, bypassing FB’s 25 interests results per query limit
  • Audiencer built-in proprietary metrics so you could choose only the best interests.
  • Self-learning artificial intelligent interests engine that gets better the more you use it.
  • Audiencer campaign planner, 1-Click copy all your interests to your campaigns, Save and bookmark your interests in easy access.
  • Cloud-based, nothing to install or download. Audiencer regular monthly updates almost zero learning curve.
  • Audiencer Step-by-step video training included. Tooltips to help you make the most from the app. Facebook Support group,100% Facebook TOS compliant.
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What makes Audiencer different?

That’s a secret. But jokes aside, it’s a little bit of artificial intelligence, the special way we have integrated marketing API of Facebook combined with a lot of enterprise-level coding, that’s what enables it to dig so deeper.

When can I start making sales?

We think, you can as soon as today. Just have an ad ready, use Audiencer to find highly relevant interests and you should be good to go.

I am new, will this help?

You bet it will, as we mentioned it elsewhere, most newcomers go wrong when it comes to targeting. They run an ad and no one clicks on the ad. That’s because the message isn’t resonating with people. Audiencer fixes that so you could laser target only those people who are passionate about what you have to offer.

Will this work on my system?

Of course it will. It is a cloud based app. So whether you are on a Windows, Mac OS or even mobile, you can access it and use it from anywhere you want, anytime.

Ok, I am sold. How do I order?

Simply order through one of the bottons on this page and you’ll get instant access to Audiencer through our worriorplus integration.

Is my ads account safe?

Yes. Your account is safe! Audiencer uses the latest facebook API and it’s 100% safe and Facebook TOS compliant

What happens if I miss out on this deal?

This is a very limited offer. Once the launch special ends, Audiencer will only be offer for $97/$47 a month. So if you want to get your hands onto the best interests research software in the market for the lowest price possible, act fast, act now and don’t miss out.
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