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GrowthClub is a video-call-based community for early-stage founders.

Growthclub Review

In GrowthClub Exchange growth hacks and get the emotional support you need to build your side hustle in 1-on-1 video calls

Every founder has a unique set of growth hacks and expertise they developed. Information in books is rarely as relevant and timely as something another founder can advise you to tackle your specific challenges on a call.

Often founders are living in small towns or feel separated from their local community during these times. GrowthClub will make you feel like you belong in a community of like-minded people who want to be helpful to each other.

Get your ass kicked by fellow founders. In GrowthClub we set time-bound goals and commit to weekly actions. Goals and weekly actions are visible to your partner during the call


GrowthClub price starts at $50/ mo

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  • Lifetime access to a private founder community
  • Meet 4 founders per month in 1-1 video calls
  • Structured meetings with smart agenda
  • Weekly goal-setting boosted with peer pressure
  • Follow-up meetings with founders that you liked
  • Founders from 15 countries (and counting)
  • Web-based video-call platform with dial-in option
  • Access to member-only Slack channel
  • Customer support by the founder of GrowthClub
  • Offer only valid for new users
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With whom will I be matched with?

You will be matched with your peer who is a (co-)founder of a startup. Every week it will be a different founder. We ensure throught the interview process that only high-quality founders, who demonstrated progress and commitment are on the platform. For example, we typically don’t take part-time founders working on a startup for the first time.

How am I supposed to connect with the people I get matched with?

We have a video-call system on our platform and a calendar invite will be sent automatically for you, based on your time preferences.

Are the meetings supposed to happen online or offline?

As the founder you meet will be typically from another country, meetings happen online via our video call system. In the call we have agenda, action commitment and other features embeded.

How often am I supposed to get matched?

It’s up to you, the maximum is once per week, but you can skip weeks that are too busy for you.

What is the meeting format?

Before the meeting founders usually set medium-term goals that they strive to ahieve. This helps others to understand how they can best help you in the meeting. The meeting is divided in 2 parts: first founder A helps out founder B, then they swap roles. The conversation is free-flowing within those parts. However, if you don’t feel getting a nudge about conversation topic, you can follow our ROSA-based coaching questions, stated in the agenda. In the end of the meeting each founder can record a committed to a action they want to do by the next meeting. The action will be displayed in the next call that you will have with another founder.

What if I don't value the educational emails that much?

No problem, feel free to unsubscribe.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription go to . All cancellation requests are processed within 2 business days.
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