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We work exclusively in the professional services sector with a wide range of ambitious and innovative firms, small to large, domestic and international.


Performance Leader Review

We help professional firms build high performance, feedback cultures. Were an advisory and software firm that support all aspects of the partner and employee performance life cycle helping our clients to:
1) Clarify contribution and performance expectations for partners and employees;
2) implement user-friendly performance, collaboration and feedback software; and
3) review and evolve compensation and reward models.


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  • engagement and retention of key talent (employees and partners)
  • clear contribution expectations to balance autonomy and accountability
  • aligned objectives and shared plans for better collaboration, and
  • innovation as a routine business process, generated by regular project-based feedback.

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Does a leader need to be motivated? How can leaders maintain themselves to stay motivated?

A leader definitely has to be motivated; those who are not will quickly be seen as frauds in their followers’ eyes as they expect their leaders to be enthusiastic about their work. Motivation comes in two forms: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivators come from the outside. For example, one reason that I go to work is that I need to make a living in order to survive. Intrinsic motivators come from within. For example, another reason that I go to work is that I get a great deal of satisfaction when I accomplish a difficult task. Good leaders set and achieve goals that allow them to get a healthy balance of both motivators. Although many people believe that intrinsic motivators are the best, that is not necessarily so. Often, the extrinsic motivators lead us into new situations and then our love for doing it (intrinsic) carries us through and on to new heights.

Does every manager need to be a leader?

All good managers are leaders to various degrees. They need to carry out their leaders’ visions by creating their own visions that support the larger vision, and then getting their workers to accomplish the vision. For example, Howard Schultz, of Starbucks Coffee Company, had a vision of 2000 stores by the year 2000. This vision became one of the driving forces behind the company’s success. Did Howard Schultz build those 2000 stores himself? No way! Schultz’s vision was achieved by managers and supervisors throughout the organization who had smaller scale visions that directly supported his 2000 by 2000 vision. They got the visions accomplished by delegating the means and authority to their subordinates. These managers and supervisors also supported their employees by giving them the means and opportunity to grow by coaching, mentoring; and providing training, development, and education opportunities. A CEO cannot be the sole leader of a large organization. There are simply to many leadership tasks that must be accomplished. . . a leader cannot do all of them herself.

You say anyone can become a leader. Is it really possible? Aren't there people who traits make them unfit to be a leader?

Anyone can become a leader that has the willingness and drive to achieve that goal. Traits can be changed by focusing upon the more desirable traits and then using them to overpower the unhealthy ones. This is one reason there are no perfect leaders — we all have a few unhealthy or weaker traits. But the better leaders concentrate and grow their desirable traits so that they over-power their weaker traits.
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We work exclusively in the professional services sector with a wide range of ambitious and innovative firms, small to large, domestic and international.
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