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The SEO Checklist itself is a value packed spreadsheet containing all the important SEO steps and actions you need to consider. Keeping everything you need to do in one place, it’s the master document you’ll keep coming back to

Seo Checklist review

Imagine a constant stream of customers flowing to your site:

That’s what can happen when you use SEO to optimize your website.
Get to page #1 of Google and your business (and life) might never look the same again.

But people will tell you SEO is complicated and hard to do.
The truth is, SEO is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing.

The SEO Checklist is a step-by-step framework to help you take action and climb the Google rankings faster. This is the comprehensive SEO guide you need to get your website to page #1 of Google.


Seo Checklist price starts at $97/lifetime

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  • 102-Point SEO Checklist Google Sheet + WebApp
  • 42 Step-by-Step Process Docs (SOPs)
  • The SEO Checklist eBook (62 Page PDF)
  • 52-Weeks Content Strategy eBook (12 Page PDF)
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What exactly is The SEO Checklist?

The SEO Checklist itself is a value packed spreadsheet containing all the important SEO steps and actions you need to consider. Keeping everything you need to do in one place, it’s the master document you’ll keep coming back to. For each project you work on, you can create a new version of the document and work through it step-by-step. Within the document there are the steps to take, recommendations on the tools you might need, plus links to resources that will help you complete those steps (this is usually a step-by-step process document, but could also be a link to another useful resource to help you).

What level of SEO experience do I need to use The SEO Checklist?

These resources will be useful whatever level of SEO knowledge you have. For the business owner with little SEO experience, you now have a guiding document for all your efforts – a single comprehensive checklist of all the SEO actions you should be taking. If you’ve tried SEO before and know your way around a bit, The SEO Checklist will help you stay organized. Bonuses like the 52-week content calendar will help you manage this critical piece of the SEO puzzle. And, you’re going to love SEOBUDDY to help you analyse the SERPs for opportunities. And even if you’re an expert, or run an SEO agency, you probably don’t have all your procedures documented. We’ve spent countless hours creating detailed process documents, which will help your team stay consistent and efficient.

Ok, but I’m a complete SEO newbie looking for guidance, will this work for me?

It will, and here’s how. I’ve considered someone just like you in the design of the SEO Checklist. I asked and answered the question: what would someone who wanted to rank higher need to know, if they knew nothing about SEO? The Checklist makes it crystal clear what SEO actions you need to take. And with the SOP collection, you also get help with how to take those actions. These step by step instructions (packed with screenshots) are designed just for you.

I’m a little confused, is this a training course?

Although you’re getting a lot of training, this is not a course. The SEO Checklist is an actionable checklist for you to follow as you work. You perform an action (we guide you on exactly how to do each step) and then you move onto the next step. It’s your master guide to help you as you work. Plus, you’re getting a collection of process documents to help you execute. And the project planning and strategy tools you need to stay organized and on track.

Will you give me a refund if I don’t like it?

Because this is a digital product that you can’t return, refunds are not available. I know you’re not sneaky, but unfortunately (and this probably won’t surprise you), some of our fellow humans are willing to cheat; buying a digital product and then instantly requesting a refund to avoid paying. I’ve tried to be very clear on this page what you’re getting, so there are no surprises. But let me explain again. The SEO Checklist is firstly a Google Sheet, that details all the key steps you need to take to optimise your website for a better ranking in the SERPs. You also get over 30 process documents (standard operating procedures) that walk you step-by-step through some of the key tasks contained in the checklist. Plus you get 4 bonuses: A pre-populated Trello board with the steps from the checklist; a 52-week content planner that shows you how to create SEO focused content; a free month’s access to SEO Buddy, a software tool that helps you efficiently analyse the SERPs for valuable backlink and content ideas (a key SEO task); and the Content Distribution Checklist so more people see your content. The SEO Checklist is not a magic bullet. You can’t just buy it, you’re going to have to put the work in, too. If you’re prepared to do that, it will help you make progress by showing you what you need to do, and how you need to do it.

How is the content delivered?

You get instant access to the entire bundle, with links to the documents emailed to you. You’ll have to start an account in SEOBUDDY, but that takes about one minute (and has a library of resources to help you if you get stuck)

How long does it take to work through the checklist and start seeing results?

Here’s the hard truth. SEO is not a sprint. It’s not even a marathon. It’s an ongoing mission. You have to keep the wheel spinning (but the same goes for any marketing). So there is no simple answer. That said, here’s a rough guide: The foundation part of the checklist can take less than 2 days to implement and you’re pretty much set for life. The User Experience, Performance, Technical SEO, and On-Page SEO parts are more about building habits to ensure your content and site are “SEO friendly”. It’s the Content and Off-Page SEO part that’s the long-game. If you already have some content on your site, and some authority, you can implement the SEO Checklist and get results in as little as 3-6 weeks. If your website is new and you have little authority, it’s more like 3 months at least before you’ll start to see results. And then you’re building from there. The secret? Take small regular steps forward. It takes time. But it’s worth it.

When does the 30-days free access to SEO Buddy begin?

You can redeem your free 30-days of SEO Buddy at any time, there is no time limit. So you can buy the Checklist today and then whenever you’re ready to make the most of your SEO Buddy free trial, simply sign up then. When that time comes, create your SEO Buddy account and add the first domain that you wish to rank for, using the same email that you used to buy the SEO Checklist. When your account is created, click the “activate bonus” button in the upper right corner of your dashboard screen (this is only visible for The SEO Checklist buyers). Your 30 days starts from this point. If you need a hand, you can reach us at

I’m using the Shopify/WordPress/Ghost/WooCommerce/Wix CMS, will the SEO Checklist still be good for me?

Yes it will. Only about 10 items from our 102-point checklist are exclusive to WordPress (and even those likely have an equivalent for your specific CMS). So at least 90% of the Checklist will be useful for you whatever tech you’re using.
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Seo Checklist
Seo Checklist


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