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Web-based student and alumni engagement platform that enables higher education institutions to manage and track communication regarding admissions, financial aid, workforce development and more.

Signal Vine Review

Signal Vine’s enterprise text messaging platform transforms the way higher education institutions reach and engage students. Nearly 100% of students and families have access to text messaging, making it the most powerful way to communicate with any student at any time. Built on the principles of behavioral science, the Signal Vine platform combines text messaging with data analytics to deliver a highly personalized and interactive experience for students.

Proactive text nudges sent through the platform are a powerful driver of positive behaviors and outcomes ranging from matriculation to enrollment to persistence. Students don’t need to download anything to receive messages. The company serves more than 200 higher education organizations, including the Utah System of Higher Education, University of New Mexico, and Austin Community College.


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  • Rich Messaging
  • Virtual Advisor
  • Response Sorting
  • Contact Management
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Reporting and Analytics
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How many messages should we send to our students?

More important than the quantity of your messages is the quality. As long as your messages are targeted and helpful to students, you can send out as many messages as necessary (though we suggest sending no more than ten scheduled messages each month). Sending more than ten messages may overwhelm your students and prompt them to opt out of the program. However, once a student is engaged and responding to your messages, you can (and absolutely should) communicate with them one-on-one as much as you like. Check our tips for managing your inbox for additional detail.

How long does it take to launch my texting program?

It takes about a month to get ready to send your first text. The timeline depends on how long it takes your team to write your text messages and organize student data. Once you have that ready, it only takes a few days to set it up on the Signal Vine platform. Your Customer Success rep will train your team and help everyone create new Signal Vine accounts. Then comes the best part: sending your first text!

How do I stop a student from receiving text messages?

Offering participants the option to “opt out” of receiving text messages is legally required by the FCC. To comply with this regulation, the platform automatically recognizes the words “Stop,” “Cancel,” and “Unsubscribe.” If a student texts back with one of those three words at any point, he or she will immediately stop receiving messages. Another option is to manually stop a student on his or her profile page. If students want to get messages again, all they have to do is text in the word “Start.”

What type of data can be exported from Signal Vine?

You can export all student data profile information, including full conversation history, from the platform. See and export metrics for message response rates, participant engagement rates, and staff activity.

Do I have to download an app to check my Signal Vine inbox?

No downloads necessary! Log on to Signal Vine’s platform on any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other browser-capable devices.
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Pros & Cons


  • “Signal Vine is easy to interact with, learner friendly and best communication software.”
  • “Three years of great service and excellent results.”
  • “My favorite part of the platform is how basic it is – upload a list, set the fields accordingly, good to go.”
  • “Signal Vine has been great. The functionality is very user-friendly.”


  • “Example of user error: We recently sent out a text that went to the wrong this. This was in large part due to miscommunication.”
  • “There’s really nothing about it that I don’t like.”
  • “There are several aspects to this program I found to be very frustrating.”
  • “I have over 30,000 students in the program and to search one student takes way too much time because their search tool is absolutely broken.”

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Web-based student and alumni engagement platform that enables higher education institutions to manage and track communication regarding admissions, financial aid, workforce development and more.
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