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When You Let The Platform Do The Work, You Know What Your Customers Need Before They Do

SugarCRM review

SugarCRM is a cloud-based application for handling sales automation, marketing automation, account management and customer relationship management needs. SugarCRM offers features such as customizable home pages, a new-user “wizard” tool for newbies, a shortcut bar, enhanced-view global search functions and downloadable plug-ins. SugarCRM is built on an open-source platform.

This allows freedom in customizing the solution to fit varied company’s needs. SugarCRM also integrates with multiple third-party systems and can accommodate the new modules users can create with the built-in tools. The software supports Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle systems and can run on either a Windows or Mac operating system. SugarCRM is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution. The mobile access can be tailored according to specific usage, and an offline client synchronization feature ensures the data is always up-to-date.


$52 Per Month
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  • Contact Management
  • Call Logging
  • Product Catalog
  • Lead Scoring
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Support
  • List Management
  • Quotes (Proposals)
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How do I add or remove a user for Sugar Market Advanced Analytics?

The current implementation of Advanced Analytics requires Sugar Market to add or remove users who have access to this module. If you need to add or remove additional users, please contact support.

How do I schedule my Look or Dashboard to my users?

When you are in a Look or a Dashboard, click the gear icon (settings) and then select Schedule to have your data scheduled out to your users.

How do I manually inactivate registration for my session in my form?

In the session’s Details tab, change the Status from “Active” to either “Planned” or “Inactive”. If no sessions are available, the form will be swapped out of the page, and in its place will be an image with the message “Registration for this event has closed.” This message cannot be changed.

How do I automatically inactivate registration for my session in my form based on a date?

In the session’s Details tab, select the “Expire Landing Page” checkbox. Note this is based on your session end time and time zone. The form will be swapped out of the page, and in its place will be an image with the message “Registration for this event has closed.” This message cannot be changed.

How do I automatically deactivate registration for my session in my form based on a Max Capacity?

In the session’s Details tab select the “Event Limit” checkbox, and then set the No. of Seats. Next, select the checkbox for the section: “By selecting this option, when the number of registrations equals or exceeds the number of seats, then the event will be removed from the landing page.” The form will be swapped out of the page, and in its place will be an image with the message “Registration for this event has closed.” This message cannot be changed.
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5 reviews for SugarCRM

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Roy Beason

    SugarCRM allows a very good management of your sales and distribution processes but also of further processes like invoice processes due to the high flexibility respective the ability to customization. Hereby it is possible for an admin to provide lots of changes and adjustments so that there is no need for an IT-consultant for every single change in the system.

    You can not also build up your own customer relationship managementsystem in a sandbox environment but also your own controlling tools and forecast reports (e.g. about upcoming sale opportunities)

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  2. Paul Schwartz

    Optimising new account processes and client management functionality allowed us to be more efficient, automated, and capable of collecting valuable data and customer information to create a high-definition customer experience.

    The BPM is so flexible and allowed us to set up any combination of automated processes, and this alone has been vital in helping us make so many time-saving changes to how we are working.

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  3. Zachery Griffin

    SugarCRM Community edition has been a great daily driver for my music business. It’s reliable, and has enough functionality to enable me to record all the key data that I need. The ability to self-host the platform is fantastic, because it helps keep costs down, and when you work on a small-scale, you don’t need all of the processing power of a paid hosted solution. Definitely a great option if you have the savvy to install and maintain your own instance on your web server.

    + PROS: I used the self-hosted community CRM for several years for my own music business. It has a ton of functionality that matches a lot of the basic features you find in Salesforce Classic. It's a great tool for keeping track of client data, deal tracking, etc. It's also nice to be able to self-host the platform as well as it's a lot more affordable than using a paid SaaS solution.
    - CONS: SugarCRM Community Edition looks pretty dated. If you don't have a lot of experience with the typical CRM data model concept, it can be hard to figure out how to use the system. The interface could be modernized to make it easier to navigate and find your way around. Another downside to being the Community Edition is that you need to know how to install and maintain the platform on your own server, but this is also a plus if you do have these skills.
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  4. Ronald White

    Overall my experience with this CRM is great. I am using it daily and I can say that my daily work is incomplete without it. It is so simple to use and provides amazing results for reports and dashboards, their customer’s support team is very responsive.

    + PROS: I am using it for more than three years and like almost everything about it. This CRM is very easy to use because of its simple design and easy to use user interface. I like the way SugarCRM provides reports and dashboards which is very easy to understand. SugarCRM provides secruity of data and information and now I can handle the different campaigns, create a different campaign for anyone and even get a complete picture of it very easily.
    - CONS: I would like to highlight one thing that I dislike about it which is its overall cost. A small organization may not afford this CRM but overall it is worth to spend on it.
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  5. Saul Pinkham

    We have been using Sugar for several years, but only in the past six months have we really dug down to fully utilize the software. The tool is fairly simple to use, I like the reporting functions, but the feedback I get from my sales team is that it is just ‘clunky’ to use. I’ll give you one little example. For the Opportunity ‘Actual Closed Won’ date, I found through coming across some bad sales data for the month, that if you close a sale in January, and that same month you mark it as Closed Won. But lets say in March you want to go in and add a note to the description. Once you edit that note, (thus changing the Modify date) you autimatically changed the ‘Actual Closed Won’ date to March. Really messes up sales reports! When I contacted Sugar, there really wasnt an easy fix. We found SierraCRM (third part software) and Bill Convis from there helped with a solution to this problem. We have now purchased this software and believe that this will help take us to the next level of using Sugar. Sugar Support via email is usually pretty prompt, but as far as hearing from our ‘Account Manager’, just 2 weeks ago was the first time I heard from someone regarding our account.So I did not need anything from Sugar. To summarize: Great tool, though a little clunky, but the price is not bad. Customer service could be improved, especially for companies like us who are invested in the process, and just need some help taking our sales process to the next level. Thanks!

    + PROS: I like the Online (sugar on demand) that allows Sugar Support to get into your software and look and something you may be struggling with, like reports...
    - CONS: Design is little clunky. Think with some improvements, it might be easier to convert leads, update opportunities. Need less clicks!
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