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With SwifPolling Create online polls and text surveys using the real-time polling app . Signup for free polling app.

Swiftpolling Review

SwiftPolling can be perfectly used by academic staff, students, public speakers, HR managers, business owners and anyone else looking to make their events more interactive and engaging.

SwiftPolling is a real-time audience engagement platform for classrooms, large auditoriums, meetings, conferences, religious and non-profit organizations and more. Swiftpolling makes it easy to create polls, surveys and open-ended questions and present the results to enhance participation and interactivity during events.


Swiftpolling price starts at $5/month

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  • Simple and Effective Polling Platform
  • Real-time SMS Polling: Activate SMS Polls, ask your audience questions, and display the results in real-time.
  • Real-time Web Polling: Choose from a wide range of web templates for online polls and display the results on your website.
  • Interactive Real-time Results
  • Microsoft PowerPoint + Google Slides: Full Microsoft PowerPoint integration with a choice of two display templates (light or dark).
  • Collect Questions & Comments in Real-time: With the ability to text in your questions or comments and the ability to moderate your questions.
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Can my audience send questions during my presentation?

Yes! We have introduced a new feature – Audience Q&A, that allows you to collect questions in parallel to running polls. You didn’t mishear, IN PARALLEL! Let’s explore how to get it working. You’ll see Audience Q&A on the left navbar of your dashboard. By default, this feature will be Enabled. To submit a question, your audience needs to: Go to swiftpolling.com Enter your Event Code If you have an active poll, then they will see a header with Polls and Q&A. They would need to choose Q&A to submit a question. They can choose to disclose their name or keep it anonymous. If there is no active poll, then will see the Q&A page right away.

What is Audience Q&A I see on my dashboard?

They are happy to introduce you to our new Audience Q&A feature that allows you to collect questions live as you are polling. To find the Audience Q&A feature, go to your dashboard, and choose Audience Q&A on the left navbar. By default, Audience Q&A will be Enabled. To disable it, click on the corresponding red-colored button. We introduced 4 new features as part of our Audience Q&A control panel: Social Voting – this feature enables your audience to upvote questions submitted by their peers. This will help you understand which questions are the most popular. Moderation – this feature allows you to approve questions before they go live. Aiming to keep your Q&A wall as clean and focused as possible, you can go through the questions one by one and approving selectively the questions that need to go live. Profanity Filter – we have taken care of trouble makers in the audience. With a simple click, you will block incoming questions containing profane words for once and for all. Anonymous – keep it fully anonymous and accept questions only anonymously. Give your audience the freedom to express themselves with candid questions.

Do they support sending anonymous questions?

Yes, you can collect feedback and questions anonymously by activating Anonymous filter.

Can people upvote questions?

Yes! This feature is now available for Audience Q&A. To allow your audience to upvote others’ questions, you will need to enable the Social Upvote feature from your Audience Q&A dashboard. This feature will show a “thumbs up” button next to each question on the Q&A page available to your audience. They will be able to upvote once per question excluding their personal submission.

What are archived questions?

Archived questions are questions that have been received, addressed, and saved. Archived questions appear in a separate tab on Open-ended, Word cloud, and Audience Q&A details pages. When you archive a feedback entry, it will be hidden from all the display pages, but will be saved in your Archived section and will be available for a download.


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