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Helping independent practices thrive since 2001/ Easy-to-use soulutions for devilvering pantient care

Amazing Charts Review

Amazing Charts is an electronic health record system created to manage office flow, send secure messages and access patient information. Doctors using this solution are provided with everything they need to run a practice including charting, scheduling, intra-office messaging, and prescribing. Data is securely stored yet easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection using a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Amazing Charts enables doctors to quickly pull patient charts as well as document medical encounters during a patient visit. Users can also easily schedule visits using a simple drag and drop system. Doctors can utilize the comprehensive library of pre-built templates for adding patient information or create customized templates for quick data entry.

Doctors can enter and trend patients’ vital signs and generate visual graphs as well as add pictures and illustrations to provide more detailed documentation. Users can search the database by diagnosis as well as select previous diagnosis from a list.

Amazing Charts enables doctors to prescribe medications electronically with the ‘quick script writer’ that displays options for take, route, frequency, duration and number. This feature also includes interaction checking, formulary information, patient drug history and electronic transmission to US pharmacies.

Staff members and providers can communicate securely through Amazing Charts using the messaging system, enabling users to instantly review messages and refill medications with automatic database updates.


Starts with $39 per Month 
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  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Charting
  • Compliance Tracking
  • E-Prescribing
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • ONC-ATCB Certified
  • Self Service Portal
  • Voice Recognition
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What is Amazing Charts?

Amazing Charts is an electronic health record system created to manage office flow, send secure messages and access patient information. Doctors using this solution are provided with everything they need to run a practice including charting, scheduling, intra-office messaging, and prescribing. Data is securely stored yet easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection using a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Typical customers ?

Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Public Administrations, Small Business

Platforms supported ?

Web .

Support options ?

FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Chat, Phone Support

Training options ?

Live, Online Videos ,Webinars ,In Person ,Documentation

supportive language ?

English .

API support ?

No, Amazing Charts does not have an API available.
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5 reviews for Amazing Charts

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  1. RogerBiles

    Experience is Amazing! No pun intended. It is affordable and runs great. I have installed it at two offices already.

    + PROS: Cost. Simplicity. Easy to train new employees on it. Ability to run it off of a local server. Chart flow is smooth.
    - CONS: Nothing Negative to say about the software. But the gaurdian angel support has lost its touch since being bought out. We don't need the support unless issue with licences occur,but the support lacks.
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  2. JamesWalls

    We’ve been happy with Amzaing Charts

    + PROS: This emr has a few very nice selling points. By far, the first is the price. We are a solo practice and I spent a year listening to emr presentations before settling on AC. That was in 2009. There were no emrs that could even come close to AC's cost and still provide the same features and support. I occasionally provide training at other offices in our area that have AC. All of my feedback in the last 5 years has been that these AC offices are able to just about anything those as those that forked out 10 or 20 times more for an emr. The Decision Support feature is fantastic. It is an editable tracking area that we use for all our HEIDIS, PCMH, and meaningful use needs. It was great to finally get rid of the huge ticker files for the yearly physicals, etc. Creating call lists for overdue screenings like colonoscopies and wellness visits can be done in minutes. Not only that, but they can be produced as an Excel spreadsheet instead of printed. AC also connects to an online fax service, Updox. Updox offers a basic patient portal and makes filing faxes easier. Incoming faxes can be sent directly to the patient's chart from the Updox program. It provides HIPPA compliant email, options to send documents to patients, and an option to allow patients to schedule their own appointments. The feature that sold us on this emr in the end is access to it's database. This topic doesn't often come up during emr sales pitches. I have heard several stories from other offices needing to switch emrs and finding out that their files wouldn't transfer or there would be some new fee to make it happen. We have been able to create custom lists with this access for anything that we couldn't do within the emr program itself.
    - CONS: The customer support typically responds within minutes if we contact them through online chat at their website. I have never been able to call and have their support phone answered though. They will often log into whichever computer is having a problem and fix it on the spot. It is probably best to have someone in the office that has some experience with computers. That isn't always a common employee skill which makes paying more for onsite support sound more comforting.
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  3. EstherJeffords

    I have been using Amazing Charts since 2007. User-friendly, easy to navigate and operate. Horrible customer service availability. If you have a problem with an upgrade – you are charged again for support training. Why is that not part of the support we pay for?

    + PROS: Fairly user friendly. Like the chart layout.
    - CONS: Cost has become an issue for a small practice. We pay (1) for the certificate, (2) for the customer service, (3) for patients portal, (4) for narcotics e- prescriptions. We pay annually per provider whether they work 1 day a month or 30 days a month, for service, support, and upgrades. Now they are tagging on taxes for these services. Nine times out of ten we can not reach support (worse since Pri-Med took over) and usually have to leave a message, it takes several days to receive a response and if the caller is not available, support leaves a message with no direct call back line and so when calling back, we start the process again. Customer support is slow and not adequate for people who do not have in house IT support. WHY should support be MANDATORY??? In messaging if you switch screens you lose what was typed why can't the message stay intact until you are finished sending. System frequently freezes when in a chart causing you to need to reboot.
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  4. LucianoDevoe

    I am the system administrator for a mid-sized medical practice that uses this software. I was with the practice when it migrated to Amazing Charts — around 10 years ago. I find that it generally functions well. It doesn’t quickly integrate every possible new feature, but the features it has are solid. The practice keeps pushing to switch to a cloud-based EMR (and they did so for six months, then switched back) — but onsite server EMRs are superior when the internet goes down or is slow.

    + PROS: It gets the job done, it is pretty easy for users to use, tech support is generally knowledgeable. It is easy to install. There is high-quality tech support available on the weekend for emergency issues (I have had to use this service a couple of times over the past decade.)
    - CONS: As the company has been bought out, the customer support is not as responsive as it used to be. It is nearly impossible to reach them via phone, and chat is only available first thing in the morning. However, they usually call back pretty quickly, and tech support always speaks and understands good English! I dislike that the billing portion of the software is only cloud-based, and that it uses Java. The built in back up program makes a once a day complete backup -- but it doesn't cull old backups, and periodically I have to access it and delete old backups manually to free up space. New server installations require a generated key, requiring a call to tech support, which can be very inconvenient if server hardware fails. (This happened to me.)
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  5. ConstanceLesniak

    I love the simplicity of use – there are more complicated things you CAN do but you don’t have to I love that the templates are so easy to make and its time saving and has My own way I want to express things! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT WE DON”T HAVE TO CLICK AND CLICK AND CLICK! such a joy! I would just brag all the time and feel SO SMUG! the first time I called Guardian Angel support ( as a test during the trial period) I got a call 10 minutes later from a brilliantly intelligent retired nurse in her second career -she was FABULOUS and concise and instructive! I was SOLD! They had me! HOOK LINE AND SINKER! Hurray! REASonably priced- good for a tiny little solo practice person like me You could give suggestions that would help with upgrades- like if you made an error in a 2015 note and typed in the person weighed 865 lbs instead of 165 you could add a late and correctly dated correction attached to that note- You CAN”t do that now but you could make the suggestion and maybe if enough people thought so that could be part of a new upgrade! but…. Hard to reach business office! If you are short on funds + need to submit a different credit card or something- Its hard to reach anyone , guardian angels do not have the correct number but will give various wrong or disconnected numbers, after a few days trying you still don’t succeed so your credit card gets charged anyway and after 3 times you get dropped from Amazing charts ( so twice now in about 9 years – seems a little harsh for someone trying to to arrange a payment- THIS could be easily fixed by having a phone #handy on the website that we can call- this is a problem SO easy to fix- if you go through various dropdowns you can find one that does not need a special password- I’m waiting for reply- would hate to loose A.C… but am looking around just in case Unfortunate change in culture of the support staff- usta be when you got them it was worthwhile- they would work with you and give various ideas and eventually the problem was solved- it was more fluid- you could suggest things like I would have suggested – why not have the Cloud reset after less time – so if you get knocked off for an inadvertent double sign on during the weekend- it would reset after maybe 4 hrs instead of 24 hrs- now they just say” No we won’t do that.” MAYBE they were bought in by a different company? outsourced the support staff to a different group? certainly a fixable problem!

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