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Vulnerability Management Tool

InsightVM Review

InsightVM is a data-rich resource that can amplify the other solutions in your tech stack, from SIEMs and firewalls to ticketing systems.

The Rapid7 Insight Agent automatically collects data from all your endpoints, even those from remote workers and sensitive assets that cannot be actively scanned, or that rarely join the corporate network.

Trash the thousand-page remediation reports, complex spreadsheets, and confusing back-and-forth email tag. InsightVM directly integrates with Project Sonar, a Rapid7 research project that regularly scans the public internet to gain insights into global exposure to common vulns.


Free Trial , Subscription , Quotation Based
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  • Asset Discovery
  • Asset Tagging
  • Network Scanning
  • Patch Management
  • Policy Management
  • Prioritization
  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
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Q. How much does InsightVM cost?

The pricing for InsightVM starts at $22.00. InsightVM has a single plan:InsightVM at $22.00. Learn more about InsightVM pricing.

Q. Does InsightVM offer a free plan?

No, InsightVM does not offer a free plan.Learn more about InsightVM pricing.

Q. What are the top alternatives for InsightVM?

Here`s a list of the best alternatives for InsightVM: Qualys VMNessusTenable.ioManageEngine Vulnerability Manager PlusKenna Security

Q. Does InsightVM provide API?

Yes, InsightVM provides API.


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5 reviews for InsightVM

4.0 out of 5
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  1. Torsten Junker

    Overall Comment:”Let me start with both Pros and Cons for Rapid 7 : 1)Rapid 7 Nexpose / Insight VM is a vulnerability scanner tool and it’s purpose is to scan the assets in the network to find the vulnerabilities. Like any other VM scanner, Nexpose allows you to define the assets like IP address/Hostname/IP Subnet range for the scans and it also allows to either schedule the scan at a preferred time or starts the scan immediately. You also have many scan templates to choose the type of scan you wanted to perform. You also choose either authenticated scan / Un-authenticated Scan. Upon completion of the scan, this tool can result provide the details like host type, OS information, hardware address, along with vulnerabilities. 2) You can integrate this tool with other security tools such as SIEM , ServiceNow, Nextgent Firewalls 3) Deployment is so easy and simple 4)SQL reporting part is useful and sometimes very useful to extract the report which cannot be generated by available default reports. 5)Easy Interface. Cons: 1) Their Customer support is not upto the mark and they may take long days to resolve one simple request. During emergency cases, Its hard to get assigned with engineers which is always painful. 2)The dashboard won’t give you much option to filter with your desire queries and get your chart. 3) This tool may give you Lot of false positives comparing to other scanners such as Qualys or Nessus Professional. 4) It creates duplicate assets with our Service now integration, if it scanned by any other scanning sites or while performing ad-hoc scan. “

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  2. Stefanie Burger

    The hardware requirement is a lot. The cloud is not helping much. If they can do everything on cloud is so good. We don’t have to maintain the On-Premise serve

    + PROS: Manage by Sites and Asset group is good. Because we can assing user to that site or group. Which is other software does not have
    - CONS: It seems difficult to use. I have to search everywhere just to scan 1 assets. It spent about 1 hour just to do a test scanning . After scan, the report is not automatically generated. You have to do it yourselft
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  3. Klaudia Wurfel

    The tool is relatively easy to pickup, is feature-rich and is a leader in its category.

    + PROS: Scan templates creation and management is a bit difficult for first time users. Interface isnt that user-friendly.
    - CONS: Because i changed my organisation, which had a different setup
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  4. Sebastian Maur

    1. Tech support is awful. Just god awful. I installed their appliance OVF’s. They also have direct Linux and Windows installers if you prefer to load your own OVF’s. Every single case I submit, I say I am running the Nexpose Appliance. Every single time they ask me what I am running (Windows or Linux). Are they just that dumb over there? 2. Scans die. I did my initial discovery scans. Worked OK at most sites except a couple which kept dying. I ran them a couple times and they finally finished. I didn’t bother calling support. See #1 above for why. I then tried to run initial Full Audit scans. Only one of my 8 sites completed. I can’t wait to call tech support to find out!! LOL This is not a cheap product. It works so poorly that it is quite disgusting. It is VERY obvious that the internal processes at Rapid7 are horrible at best. I’m going to ask for my money back and go with another product. Note: Too bad I couldn’t demo this product firsthand (try before you buy) but Rapid7 is very inflexible in that manner.

    + PROS: Absolutely nothing at this point.
    - CONS: Doesn't work. Tech support horrible. Accessing logs horrible. Just overall terrible software.
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  5. Megan Simmons

    I trialed Nexpose Community when our company started moving to a cloud hosting provider. I was very impressed. We ended up going with another provider, but when that contract expired, I proposed that we give InsightVM a shot instead of a renewal, remembering how much of a pleasure it was to use. Now, we’re customers, and I don’t regret my suggestion at all. I deployed a security console within an hour, and had it ingesting an inventory of every host in our cloud environment, whether Active Directory knew about it or not. Everyone from Compliance to IT speaks positively about it. They like the intuitive UI, the ability to get actionable data the moment the dashboard loads, and the fact that it’s fully aware of both Microsoft and third-party vulnerabilities. I like the “risk score,” a practical alternative to the typical CVSS rating. While the CVSS score is important, Rapid7 weights their score on factors such as practicality of exploitation and active targeting in the wild. I’ve suggested that we prioritize remediation based on the Rapid7 risk score rather than the CVSS score. I installed the Insight agent on a majority of our workstations, which sends data about any published vulnerability to the portal, whether in a Docker image, a third-party application, or the underlying OS. A couple customizations of the dashboard, and now we see comprehensive overview of the week’s priorities at logon. It’s great to have one dashboard for every environment!

    + PROS: Easy to install, intuitive UI, integration with cloud portal, agent (that feeds data to the cloud analytics portal), multi-platform.
    - CONS: Nothing -- Rapid7 is KILLING it. Since this field has a minimum length: maybe the only downside is that the security console requires a decent bit of RAM? I had to give it 8 GB to ensure stability. That said, it's running a web-based management interface, and the scan runtime is far faster and more reliable than our previous solution.
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