Strategy "nerves of iron" or how to make money on a crypt without losses

How to make more than 50 thousand with an investment of about 1 thousand dollars? A bunch of fake articles have been written on this topic involving people in various pyramids. Therefore, my post is just a story about personal experience, but not a guide to action.

I got acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies by chance at the end of 2016: a friend transferred me an amount equivalent to $ 8 for breakfast in a cafe. This transaction was not seen by any regulatory authority, and not a single bank. For me, as a financier with a specialized education, it was a shock. The transaction took place instantly, electronically, and without any kind of supervision. And it could have been not $ 8, but $ 8 billion … This technology is the future, I thought, and began to figure it out.

I studied the world of cryptocurrency, and bought bitcoin a little – it was a very modest investment, equivalent to 0.1 – 0.2 bitcoin. I entered on $ 800, $ 900, $ 1400, $ 7.5 thousand and even $ 14 thousand (although then I thought I was doing stupid things). As a result, I got a little more than 1 bitcoin.

Further I was just waiting. Around people traded – bought in addition, shorted, gave someone to manage, bought cars … I did absolutely nothing. And as a result, my crypto assets have grown more than 10 times in 4 years. This result, alas, was not achieved by those who bought and sold, in general, behaved actively in a highly volatile market.

And here are the rules I deduced from my experience:

  • Extremely rarely revaluate assets. Whatever happens, no matter how bitcoin takes off and falls, investments should be taken into account at a fixed rate fixed in your mind. I decided for myself that my bitcoin is still worth $ 10 thousand now, and in my financial planning I start from this amount.
  • Don’t play. Even professionals fail in this market. There are exceptions, but extremely rare.
  • Don’t invest much, only invest the surplus. If I had 5 bitcoins, I would sell them for $ 10 thousand. With my 1 bitcoin, I am waiting for the level of $ 100 thousand – and it looks like it is not far off.
  • Best time to buy: now. Because you can never guess. And, apparently, there is still potential for growth.
  • Don’t rely on bitcoin. You must always be prepared that its value will fall 100 times, and you will be left with nothing.

That’s all, maybe someone will come in handy.


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