Top 10 Business Performance Management Software In 2021

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  1. Sisense

Sisense is software that helps you to get business insights from complex, real-time data. It is designed in a way that it handles all sorts of data ranging from big to small. It helps companies to accumulate and store more data without worrying about servers crashing or slow computer memory. This will help companies to avoid spending resources on any additional hardware and servers.

Sisense BI Features: 

Ad Hoc Reports, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Profitability Analysis, Trend / Problem Indicators, Benchmarking, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning, Visual Analytics

2. Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is software that helps in business planning. It was found in 2003 and it provides a web-based system for forecasting, budgeting, and reporting. The software can be used by a variety of businesses, large or small. The interface design is similar to Excel; this contributes to speeding up of the training process utilizing the familiarity. It caters to the specific needs of healthcare, manufacturing and business services.

3. FloQast

It is a cloud-based accounting solution, useful for accountants and financial officers. The key features of the software are analytics, reporting, and collaborative checklists. It helps accountants to organize audits, manage checklists and automate tie-outs. It assists users to manage information relating to client data, reconciliations and documents. It helps in tracking reconciliation progress via a status dashboard. It provides tools like note review feature which keeps communication documented.

4. Phocas

Phocas is a business intelligence solution which caters to small size businesses across the industry. It is compatible with multiple web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome etc. It helps businesses to make decisions based on information and data. It includes data mining, scorecards, predictive analysis, and data warehousing. You can view data from different perspectives and analyze sales information and buying patterns.

5. Betterworks

Betterworks® is an easy-to-use, integrated software solution that replaces outdated annual reviews with Continuous Performance Management® programs that align, develop and activate workforces for business growth. Their software helps ensure everyone in the organization is working on what matters most and having the crucial conversations necessary to motivate their entire workforce to meet today’s goals and tomorrow’s challenges.

6. KPI Fire

KPI Fire is software related to Strategy Execution. It provides your team members with a dashboard to view shared objectives of the company and key performance indicators. It suits large and mid-sized companies. It provides several visualizations including revenue and project progress. You can also configure the dashboards according to your needs. The dashboards display current performance and company metrics.

7. iPlanner.NET

Since 2007, iPlanner has helped start-ups to develop their business plans as a self-help business planning software. It is offered as an online service and the application has been designed keeping in mind the needs of small business owners, advisors, serial entrepreneurs and investors. You can use the application to write and share your business plans online. It helps businesses to finance their growth and manage the risks.

8. Fathom

Fathom is a management reporting and financial analysis tool that is easy to use. It helps you to assess your business performance and identify the scope of improvement. It helps you to create business analysis reports smoothly. It makes business insights easy. It has integrated with QuickBooks and Xero. It will suit the needs of accountants and financial advisors perfectly.

9. Way We Do

Way We Do is cloud-based SOP software which helps you to create, maintain and use manuals related to Business operations. It is a combination of business process management, knowledge management, and compliance. It helps you to assign tasks, monitor the workflow from any location, this helps in keeping the work seamless and ensure that everything is documented.

10. Corporater

Corporater was founded in 2000 and it is a global software company. It is a management platform that covers important business functions and processes like budgeting, planning, performance, compliance reporting etc. It provides you with KPI tools and dashboards that help you to monitor the progress of your business periodically and improve the performance. It is flexible to meet the needs of the largest enterprises in the world.


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