Top 10+ Cybersecurity Software and Tools in 2021

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1. SiteLock

About SiteLock : SiteLock is a leading web security and cybersecurity software with over 12 million websites being under the protection of this solution. From delivering 360-degree security to finding vulnerabilities, from automatically removing malware to WordPress database scanning, this solution defends against all DDoS attacks and meets all PCI compliance standards. Top features include web threat management, two-factor authentication, etc. It also enhances security testing for the websites and accelerates the performance.

SiteLock Cybersecurity Features

Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

2. Heimdal CORP

 Our Score 97/100

About Heimdal CORP : Heimdal CORP is an endpoint web security solution for malware monitoring, software management, internet traffic reporting, and web scanning and filtering. Top features of this solution include vulnerability scanning, AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, etc. With the increase in cybercriminal attacks and data leakage, every organization needs a new security solution that gives total security to their business and ensures confidential information to be withheld from getting into wrong hands.

Heimdal CORP Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Vulnerability Scanning

3. WebTitan

About WebTitan : WebTitan is a DNS based web content filter and a cybersecurity software that blocks malware, ransomware, phishing and provides complete control over the web for businesses, educational institutions, and public WIFI providers. With top features like AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, IOC verification, vulnerability scanning, granular policy control, comprehensive reporting, incident management, etc., this solution provides advanced web content filtering with the capability to prevent access to unsuitable and inappropriate content.

WebTitan Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, IOC Verification, Vulnerability Scanning, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

4. Teramind

About Teramind : Teramind is a leading provider of employee monitoring and is one best cybersecurity system available in the market. It helps in detecting insider threats, prevents data loss and works for over 2000 organizations in finance, retail, energy, manufacturing, technology, government verticals, and healthcare. It helps in detecting malicious behavior and boosts more productivity. This solution records and recognizes, prevents any threats, provides user-centric security approach to monitor and allows real-time access.

Teramind Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

5. AppTrana

About AppTrana : AppTrana identifies the risk posture of an application, patches vulnerabilities immediately, improves website performance through whole site acceleration and ensures proactive remediation against DDOS/emerging threats through continuous monitoring in a single place. We are trusted by over 1700+ global customers in 30+ countries. We currently serve the Government, Banking, Finance, E-Commerce and SaaS based sectors. Helps businesses continuously identify the security posture of applications through automated security scans and manual Pen-Testing.

AppTrana Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Tokenization, Vulnerability Scanning, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

6. Barkly

About Barkly : Barkly provides the most reliable protection, smartest technology and has a simple management system. This cybersecurity software blocks attack across all the vectors and intents. Top features include whitelisting, blacklisting, incident and endpoint management, AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, etc. With the 3-level architecture pattern, it allows visibility into all the levels of the system, including the CPU and stays up-to-date with continued machine learning d converts threat intelligence into powerful protection.

Barkly Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

7. Acunetix

About Acunetix : Acunetix is one of the leading automatic cybersecurity systems, and it is designed to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. With an extensive feature set of both automated and manual penetration testing tools, it enables users to have insights into vulnerability assessment and also repair detected threats. It works best for government organizations, military, education, telecom, finance, e-commerce, banking and includes many of the fortune 500 companies as its users.

Acunetix Cybersecurity Features

IOC Verification, Vulnerability Scanning

8. Indeni

About Indeni : Indeni is an automated crowd-sourced cybersecurity platform for network and security infrastructure. Users get access to a living repository of automation tasks, maintenance, high availability, network visibility, security, compliance and vendor best practices. With top features including behavioral analytics, AI/Machine learning, incident management, etc., this software helps in detecting malicious activity and ransomware. Indeni is one of the few cybersecurity tools that keeps checking on the overall data.

Indeni Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management

9. JumpCloud DaaS

About JumpCloud DaaS : JumpCloud DaaS enables users in securely managing and connecting users to their systems, applications, files, and networks through a Mac, Linux or Windows. It also allows users to protect their data on the cloud and on-premise resources like Office 365, G Suite, AWS, Salesforce, etc. It is a single point authority to authenticate and authorize the identities of employees and the systems and other IT resources that have access.

JumpCloud DaaS Cybersecurity Features

Endpoint Management

10. ThreatAdvice

About ThreatAdvice : One of the best cybersecurity software available includes ThreatAdvice. It is an affordable cyber education and awareness solution that helps in understanding the vulnerabilities a business is entitled to and aims to provide a remedy. Top features include AI/Machine learning, threat awareness, threat intelligence gathering, etc. It lets organizations gauge risks of digitally-executed attacks and has 24/7 cyber hotline and emergency data response.

ThreatAdvice Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning

11. FileWall

About FileWall: odix – a market leader in Enterprise CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), is now offering its own native application for securing Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes. CDR technology is a detection-less method to disarm zero-days and APT’s in files and is considered by leading analysts as an addition or replacement to existing anti malware technologies. FileWall™ is designed to run in conjunction with existing Microsoft security solutions such as EOP and ATP, ensuring complete prevention against unknown attacks delivered through email attachments.

FileWall Cybersecurity Features

Endpoint Management, Vulnerability Scanning

12. Log360

About Log360 : Log360 is a log management and cybersecurity tool that helps businesses keep their network and data free from malicious activity. With real-time analysis, correlation and archiving capabilities, this solution monitors critical changes in groups and track suspicious users’ behavior. It is an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console. The prime features include protection of confidential data and thwart internal security threats.

Log360 Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management, Vulnerability Scanning

13. Tines

About Tines : Tines helps security teams in automating workflow without any complexity. From receiving and fetching alerts to performing numerous steps including logging and threat intelligence searches, this solution determines all the alerts and warnings. It is time-consuming and has employee activity confirmation. It has quick remedies for any detected threats making it a top cybersecurity system amongst all the available ones in the market.

Tines Cybersecurity Features

Endpoint Management, Incident Management, IOC Verification

14. DNIF

About DNIF : DNIF offers remedies to most complex cybersecurity problems. This cybersecurity software helps some of the well-known global companies like PwC, Vodafone, Tata, etc., in giving the fastest query response and also bridges the gap between searching, processing, analyzing and visualizing data. It ingests large volumes of data each day and bounces back with actionable intelligence for better protection with the help of intricate models.

DNIF Cybersecurity Features

AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

15. Cyber Control

About Cyber Control : Cyber security project plan and framework, fraud detection reporting suite, and file security review for data privacy and GDPR. Datplan’s cyber control software allows any organisation to introduce a robust cyber security risk framework, while red flagging potential high risk transactions utilising anti-fraud detection tools and performing file security tests to aid data privacy and GDPR requirements.

Cyber Control Cybersecurity Features

Vulnerability Scanning


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