Top 10 Facility Management Software With Buyer’s Guide

1. ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel gives the user complete control of every step of the invoicing process. From mobile creation to automatically generated work orders, the user has visibility throughout the entire organization. Asset Manager, a certain feature of ServiceChannel FMS, enables the user to track all the physical equipment across various locations and create work orders and avoid unnecessary spending. This software helps in making smarter, data-driven decisions.


IBM TRIRIGA expertise in space optimization, occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting. TRIRIGA tracks usage and occupancy by floor, building, and organization. Automated tracking is used to stay on top of critical lease renewals while keeping up with the latest accounting standards and regulations. Budgets, costs &schedules, move requests, management approvals, and tracking information can be managed easily with this software.

3. OfficeSpace Software

Designed to work on any device, this intuitive software helps one to deal with any task in as fewer steps as possible. Being quite speedy and efficient, OfficeSpace lets the user to tailor various processes to perfectly suit the respective workplace and enhance company culture. Scheduling, budgeting, costing analysis, and tracking all entered information; everything is seamlessly done using this software.

4. Hippo CMMS

This is facility management software that focuses and excels at the following aspects: it generates, prioritizes, closeout, and track work orders. You can also manage third-party vendors and suppliers simultaneously. You can set and control inventory levels efficiently through Hippo CMMS. The software is helpful to establish preventative maintenance schedules without any hassle. Through this software, you can allocate labour and resources effortlessly and schedule inspections in an organized manner. You can also produce reports based on customizable KPIs.

5. Infraspeak

Advanced communication techniques, full transparency, and better integration are the attributes Infraspeak boasts of. It helps the user in connecting directly with the customers, decrease maintenance times and proper maintenance of facilities. Infraspeak’s SLA add-on fully complies with all corrective and preventive maintenance quality standards and helps in keeping up with the deadline.

6. UpKeep

UpKeep serves to automate routine maintenance activities to improve operational efficiency at your facility. It helps in easy identification of bottlenecks and efficiencies with the analytics dashboard. It provides an analysis of which facilities, locations, and equipment are hogging resources and which technicians are closing out the most work orders. UpKeep frees up time for strategic planning and collaboration. Usability, collaboration, system maintenance, reporting are the attributes that play a key role in the functioning of the software.

7. FM:Interact

FM:Interact provides the user with up-to-date and accurate depictions of the current assets. It helps in cutting down on expenditure whilst also generating revenue for the organization. Scenario planning, a key feature of FM:Interact, enables the user to map out with clarity if the user plans on expanding into new locations.

8. QuickFMS

QuickFMS is a robust, scalable and fast Facility Management Software solution. It focuses on increasing the efficiency of employees to impact the top and bottom line. 99.99% uptime on the cloud is available. It is also very easy to install and extremely user-friendly. The user will be up and running in under 48 hours while continuing with normal operations. Data collection is also a very easy task by using this software.

9. Facilitron

The Facilitron platform accommodates both internal and external reservation requests and transforms how facility owners manage their facilities. It organizes all facility scheduling, calendars, and communications into one place. The availability of online application and approval process saves administrators valuable time and make the workflow easy and manageable.

10. TrackPlan

TrackPlan controls and captures all job-related information. It has a scheduler which helps in planning the workflow. Recurring work for planned jobs can be created automatically and helps to stay up-to-date with the legislation. Easy to raise requests and notifications to the maintenance team for any issues. Budget management and document management is very easy. Contractors can be assigned work and the progress and timings can be tracked and checked effectively. Easy installation and breaking down of a particular project into smaller jobs are key features.


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