Top 10 Geographic Information System (GIS) With Buyer’s Guide

1. Esri ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a GIS mapping software that provides mapping and analytics platform for geographic data captured. ArcGIS extends some of the unique potentiality along with pliable licensing for applying location-based analytics to any business practices. It provides an insight to visualize and analyze your data and share the data in the form of maps, dashboards, reports, etc. ArcGIS can be used as a standalone application and combined with other as well to support location mapping. It’s helpful in working with a set of analytical data and spatial algorithms. ArcGIS software is useful in location monitoring of any type of sensor or device.

2. Mapbox

A map is a graphical representation of the area. Mapbox GIS mapping software provides the map designing tools and mapping libraries needed to make dynamic, performant, and customized maps that suit the requirements. Maps generated by Mapbox tools are comprehensive and accurate all over the globe. Their Maps APIs support more than 5 billion requests per day. MapBox makes use of OpenGL technologies for on-device rendering, resulting in highly performant maps with maximum flexibility, allowing dynamic styling and optimize the map based on your custom data.

3. Maptitude

Maptitude is one of the GIS mapping software which provides the tools, maps, and demographic data which are useful to visualize data by unearthing geographic patterns from the available data, and presenting the data in a more in an elementary way. The benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis with a single, easy-to-use package can be availed in Maptitude. Maptitude is one of the best mapping software available in the market with the richest feature set and highest performance to its credit. Some of it’s best and enhanced features include creating and editing maps, adding data to the maps, analyzing graphics data.

4. Surfer

Surfer is a 3D surface mapping software which helps in contouring the maps. Surfer is most commonly used for converting available data into outstanding contour, surface, wireframe, vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps, more quickly and easily. Surfer software comprises of tools such as analysis tool that adjust interpolation and gridding parameters, evaluates the spatial continuity of data with variograms, define faults and breaklines, or perform grid calculations such as volumes, transformations, smoothing, or filtering. The captured data are stimulated for better understanding. The 3D viewer enables to model, analyze, and understand data in a better and easier way. It helps you to discover data patterns and trends.


QGIS is an open-source geographic information system software, which is free and user-friendly that facilitates you to create, edit, visualize, analyze and publish geospatial information on any OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux systems and supports vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities. QGIS is a product of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Publishing QGIS projects on the web are made easy with the benefit from the powerful symbology, labeling and blending features for a better understanding of maps.

6. Salesforce Maps

Salesforce Maps provides data visualization, scheduling and routing, and lead generation to optimize the Sales Processes. In better terms, understand hard-to-find data on a map-based interface and make location-driven decisions that drive productivity. Salesforce maps helps to build the fastest routes with cross-town driving and lower fuel costs. With this, it is pretty sure of timely arrival to customers in order to build accurate prospect data and territory visualization. Salesforce is mobile compatible that automates admin processes, like check-in and check-out, via a mobile device while on the road.

7. TerraSync Software

TerraSync software is a GIS software designed for collection and maintenance of efficient field GIS data. TerraSync is a powerful system that facilitates the collection of high-quality features and position data for GIS updates and maintenance. Along with the above feature, it provides simple and efficient workflows to capture high-quality data quickly and easily, which includes intelligent features such as map-centric operation, graphical status display, and the ability to record a position offset very quickly and easily. Using TerraSync software one can integrate photo capture into the data collection workflow along with the time, date, and location at which it was taken. Trimble TerraSync software can be helpful for field workers to collect data and achieve the required level of accuracy, either in real-time or after post-processing.


CARTO can turn your Location Data into Business Outcomes. CARTO makes it easy with data ingestion by getting full control of the spatial data. Their Data Observatory allows you to access different location data streams on common geometries thus saving time in gathering spatial data along with simplified geospatial analysis. With CARTO, you can develop and build custom applications and visualizations to share key insights for your business. Connect your analysis into the existing workflows. CARTO speeds up your time to insight by accessing best-in-class spatial analyses.

9. GeoExpress

GeoExpress is a GIS software that enables geospatial professionals to compress images to our proprietary, industry-standard MrSID format. This format supports lossless and visually lossless compression that enables to shrink file sizes without compromising image quality. GeoExpress software also features editing capabilities for geospatial imagery compression, providing improved visual data for analysis. It comprises of standard imagery editing functions like cropping and color balancing. GeoExpress can be used in combination with nearly all geospatial applications, including ArcGIS, Global Mapper, QGIS, Autodesk, ERDAS, ENVI, SOCET GXP, and Microstation.

10. CartoVista

CartoVista is a web mapping software that is helpful in publishing interactive web maps that bridge the gap between GIS and decision-makers. CartoVista accepts many GIS data formats and sources, to create and share maps that update automatically at predefined intervals. Easy to deploy maps on any web server internally or externally. With CartoVista, it’s easy to build vibrant interactive maps to improve data sharing and understanding. With the help of CartoVista Publisher, it is easy to configure and customize the mapping styles and create high quality cartographic tiled basemaps.


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