Top 10+ Marketing Planning Software In 2021

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1. Trello – Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

About Trello : Trello helps users from sales and marketing to HR and operations. It is one of the best marketing planning software. With many customizations and designs, it is one of the best available in the market. It offers cross-team collaboration and can be integrated with over essential tools like Google Drive, Jira, Slack, etc. It consists of over 100+ integrations. The best feature of this app is the concept of boards.

Trello Marketing Planning Features : 

Collaboration, Flowchart, Goal Setting / Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Project Tracking

2. Wrike– Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

About Wrike : Wrike is a fast growing online marketing plan software with a diversified, international customer base. It is the perfect tool for teams over 20 people and comes with enterprise-level security and scalability. It helps marketing teams plan and work on different strategies. It helps businesses in growing effectively, and increase their productivity and efficiency. Marketing agencies use this solution to create marketing plans as it helps in team collaboration.

Wrike Marketing Planning Features : 

Collaboration, Goal Setting / Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Project Tracking

3. Percolate – Campaign management & social publishing

About Percolate : An all-in-one marketing planning software, Percolate helps users get their marketing game strong with better plans and informed decisions. Marketers use this solution to plan, create and execute all the marketing strategies to boost their visibility and promote their products. This software helps in every step of the process with features such as collaboration, marketing calendar, etc. It records each level to give better decisions for further implementation of the strategies.

Percolate Marketing Planning Features : 

Collaboration, Marketing Calendar

4. IBM Marketing Cloud – Watson is the AI platform for business

About IBM Marketing Cloud : IBM Marketing Cloud offers advanced email marketing and marketing automation solutions to businesses. It is a marketing planning software that plays a pivotal role in increasing revenue and sales, with improved ROI and efficient operations. It is amongst the oldest marketing software available and helps users create strategies to implement new marketing ideas. It is easy to use and is an extremely user-friendly marketing software for marketers.

IBM Marketing Planning Features : 

Budgeting & Forecasting, Collaboration

5. SendX – Marketing automation and email marketing tool

About SendX : SendX is one of the best online marketing plan software available for companies to acquire and engage customers at scale. It helps users to grow their email list and generate more sales. From providing visitors with a personalized message based on their behaviour to creating custom popup designs with design-builder, this solution lets users create, and execute marketing plans. It serves best for B2B companies and bloggers to help engage visitors.

SendX Marketing Planning Features : 

Flowchart, Goal Setting / Tracking, Predictive Analytics

6. Outbrain Amplify – Native Advertising Platform

About Outbrain Amplify : Outbrain Amplify is a premium content discovery platform and a marketing plan tool that helps users to deliver and promote personalized, relevant online, mobile, and video content to audiences. Top features include goal setting, spend management, budgeting and forecasting, media planning, etc. It helps publishers and businesses gather data and understand their audiences. It is a native advertising platform that allows users to connect with their audiences through personalized recommendations.

Outbrain Amplify Marketing Planning Features :

Budgeting & Forecasting, Collaboration, Goal Setting / Tracking, Media Planning, Spend Management

7. Husky Marketing Planner – See more. Look ahead.

About Husky Marketing Planner : Husky Marketing Planner is an easy to use marketing planning software centralizing all the data for marketing planning into one digital tool while making it visible to team members. It is one of the applications that is created solely by marketers to give back to marketers the power of marketing through various managements like a project, spend, time and expense. It helps in communication planning, budget, notes, and KPIs.

Husky Marketing Planning Features : 

Budgeting & Forecasting, Collaboration, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Project Tracking, Spend Management

8. Mediatool – Media planning software for advertisers and agencies

About Mediatool : Mediatool is a professional media and marketing planning collaboration software. Mostly useful for advertisers and agencies, it gives an excellent overview of all the marketing activities, campaign plans and yearly summaries in one place. Users get to plan, create, organize, execute and analyze marketing and media activities under a single roof. It acts as a virtual marketing assistant that collects all the files and conversations related to media.

Mediatool Marketing Planning Features : 

Budgeting & Forecasting, Collaboration, Flowchart, Goal Setting / Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Presentation Tools, Project Tracking, Spend Management

9. MARMIND – Combines campaigns, budgets & results into one central marketing plan

About MARMIND : MARMIND® is a software solution that combines campaigns, budgets and results into one central marketing plan. This allows better planning, improved team collaboration and comprehensive analysis of marketing activities. Using MARMIND, marketers gain control over their marketing and make smarter investment decisions. In addition to state-of-the-art implementation methods, MARMIND uses a Europe-wide network of marketing experts and technology partners. This way, MARMIND ensures the proper use and acceptance of new technologies.

MARMIND Marketing Planning Features : 

Budgeting/Forecasting, Collaboration, Goal Setting / Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Predictive Analytics, Presentation Tools, Project Management, Roadmapping, Spend Management

10. Rilo Insights – Automated audience insights for marketers, brands & creators

About Rilo Insights : Rilo Insights helps users in receiving automate marketing insights for their brands while monitoring social media and marketing platforms. Top features of this solution include digital presence insights, analytics, real-time updates, performance statistics, etc., allowing businesses to manage and review marketing techniques while improving their media presence. It helps users create the best possible marketing ideas to empower the company with more productivity and sales.

Rilo Insights Marketing Planning Features : 

Goal Setting / Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Media Planning, Predictive Analytics, Presentation Tools, Project Tracking


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