Top 12 PIM Software (Product Information Management) For Your Business in 2021

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1. Jasper PIM

With a solid decade of expertise in the PIM business, Jasper PIM is your go-to PIM provider. The brand has established partnerships with the leading names in eCommerce (Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce, to name a few). Depending on the size of your company, you may choose among 4 versions adapted to your growth objectives. Each solution is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

2. Akeneo

Akeneo enables retailers of all sizes with global objectives to accelerate their growth with a centralized hub for product information management. Their secure, easy-to-implement PIM software gives retailers the ability to offer customers a cutting edge online experience on all possible points of sales. Akeneo also offers tailor-made PIM solutions for busy retailers.

3. InRiver

Headquartered in Sweden, InRiver serves 400 customers and over 1,000 brands on four continents. For any business involved in the omnichannel world, InRiver has the right solutions for you, whether you seek to decrease costs, improve brand equity, or simply gain a competitive edge with a compelling PIM software.

4. Salsify

Salsify have you ever wondered with whom Coca Cola, L’Oréal, Bosch, and Rawlings work? Salsify can help you build outstanding PIM to deliver the best customer acquisition and retention on a global scale. If your mission is to go digital in the next few years or to take the next steps toward the most optimized digital presence for your business, choose Salsify.

5. Syndigo Content Experience Hub

Syndigo Content Experience Hub connects around 10,000 brands and 1,500 retailers across the globe, providing one of a kind, unique shopping experience based on the latest PIM technology. Online merchants can enhance their product information management with “deep nutritional data” with top syndication, analytics, and verified product management.

6. Catsy

Have you ever wondered how Whirlpool or Cisco can perform so well online? Catsy has built a strong reputation in the PIM industry over the last few years and gives brands the ability to manage their product data efficiently with optimized web performance for a smooth shopping experience on all online points of sales.

7. Pimcore

Pimcore delivers a consolidated platform that encompasses product information, digital assets, and web content management in top resources. Offering cutting edge real-time sync between physical and digital stores, Pimcore is great for retailers with fast growth. With such a “trusted” source of information, Pimcore promotes flexible data modeling and user-friendly data management available to busy online marketplaces.

8. Propel’s Cloud Software Enterprise

Propel’s Cloud Software Enterprise is built on Salesforce, which is the world’s most secure platform on which PLM, PIM, and QMS solutions are integrated. They offer transparent and high-performance Product Lifecycle Management for retailers eager to dig deeper into eCommerce. The solutions are easy to implement and permit any online merchants to grow quickly.

9. Contentserv

Contentserv and Product Sup has justifiably gained an outstanding reputation in the PIM industry. They offer the greatest SAAS platform that truly makes a difference for busy online global marketplaces. Retailers can also manage far more data than before thanks to the top syndication of content across the online points of sales enabled by Product Sup.

10. SalesLayer

You have probably heard of the powerful world of the cloud. SalesLayer is a PIM provider that lets you integrate the best PIM solutions stored in the cloud. PIM is made simple with SalesLayer, allowing you to organize, collect, and manage all product data differently. Discover the next generation of PIM with a leader in the business.

11. Plytix

Are you looking to expand in global eCommerce on omnichannel? Try out Plytix and their easy-to-implement, scalable PIM solutions for retailers who wish to provide their customers with a unique experience. Affordable, and with fantastic customer support, it’s easy to navigate in the digital and online retail world with such an amazing PIM provider.


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