Top 20+ SEO Software Trending In 2020 – Complete Buying Guide

1. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub Top SEO Software

» About HubSpot Marketing Hub:

The HubSpot marketing hub helps you with tough SEO tasks. These tasks include dragging and dropping your work into the polished landing pages and email templates. With this best SEO software, the user can speedily publish blog posts. That step will launch the user like the leader in the subject.

You will be more accessible to people who search for you online. Any visitor will get immediate contact with you on all gadgets. That is because the websites are responsive. Users will also gain real-time SEO assistance. They will build the content strategy, which acclimatizes with the latest searching methods.

» Major Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub:

 Improved marketing automation
› Best SEO tools
› Landing page feature
› Social media tools
› Blog & content creation tools
› Campaign reporting
› Analytics dashboard

» Why did we choose HubSpot Marketing Hub?

We chose the Hub Spot among primary SEO software tools because it has the following crucial features. These features include creating content without any assistance from the developers. Next, you can also accelerate the targeted traffic towards the critical web page sets. Similarly, you will transform a higher number of visitors into certified lead sets.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush Top SEO Software

» About SEMrush:

The SEMrush is the all-encompassing marketing toolset for any digital marketer. Under e-commerce tasks, you can get complete results to enhance any online store. You can also drive a higher number of sales with such SEO tools. Plus, you will learn the wisdom of getting higher traffic alongside paid or organic searches.

Users can also create a brand and manage their teams. Enterprises will get the most significant support for bold business goals, along with the data. Users searching for the lengthened geodatabases and the particular sector database can find them. You can also find niche marketing reports. It fits each marketing requirement of the company.

» Major Features of SEMrush:

 Site audit
› SEO tool
› Backlink analysis tool
› Competitor analysis tool
› Social media tools
› PPC tool
› Traffic analytics
› Organic research
› Advertising research

» Why did we choose SEMrush?

We chose the SEMrush since, for competitive researches, you will get an overall result. The result will inform the marketing strategy. This SEO software for small business will beat your competitors. You can evaluate each competitors’ traffic as well as keyword strategy sets. The user can also study the content as well as social media.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Top SEO Software

» About Ahrefs:

The best SEO software for website improvement is Ahrefs. This tool helps you to learn why the competitors rank on the top. Similarly, you will find about the work you require to complete for outranking them. Complete the organic search report and analyze the competitors’ search traffic.

Now, you can find the right keywords to which the competitor ranks under organic searches. Moreover, you can also find the size of traffic accelerated under each one. The user can now utilize the best page reports to find which pages give the highest traffic to their websites. Use the content gap ability to find the keywords according to their ranks.

» Major Features of Ahrefs:

 Site audit
› Backlink checker tool
› Broken link checker tool
› Website authority checker
› Keyword generator tool
› SERP checker
› Content explorer
› Keyword rank checker

» Why did we choose Ahrefs?

We chose the Ahrefs as the right SEO software for you since it has some superb features. These features include gaining the data for one hundred and million keywords in the United States and similarly for more than one hundred and fifty different nations. Hence, the user will gain the best possible SEO analysis by using the Ahrefs.

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro Top SEO Software

» About Moz Pro:

The Moz Pro is the best SEO software for you since it portrays exceptional abilities. These abilities include understanding website visitors. You will also find how the users are searching for product sets and services. The user will know which keyword sets can be useful. Users will also know the questions that the visitors have.

Such knowledge about the questions will assist you in building the highest quality content. Moreover, you can get strategy-wise target keyword sets alongside precise keyword volumes as well as robust metrics. Now, you can also save keyword lists which one will track as well as update accordingly.

» Major Features of Moz Pro:

 SEO audit
› Domain analysis
› Keyword research tool
› Backlink research tool
› Rank tracking
› Business listing audit
› Custom reports

» Why did we choose Moz Pro?

We chose Moz Pro since it has excellent benefits. These benefits include Moz-based Keyword Explorer. This explorer easily links together keyword research metrics as well as merely making a complex evaluation. This step allows us to waste less time on spreadsheets. Similarly, use less time to generate certified website traffic.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu Top SEO Software

» About SpyFu:

The SpyFu is the best among SEO software 2020 since it has fantastic qualities. These qualities include downloading the competitors’ most profitable keyword sets. Plus, you can get advertisements for paid as well as organic searches. You can also find any domain as well as find each place that is shown over Google. Any user can now also find each keyword which they have bought in Adwords.

Similarly, you can find each organic rank and advertisement distinction for the past thirteen years. Moreover, the user will learn how to link these domains, as well. Then, you can find internet-based as well as traditional lead ways for phones.

» Major Features of SpyFu:

SEO competitor analysis
› Keyword research
› Competitor backlink analysis
› PPC research
› PPC keyword research
› SERP Checker
› SEO reports

» Why did we choose SpyFu?

We chose the SpyFu tool since it has impressive solutions in SEO. These solutions include finding the best keyword groups. You can find any leads for phones, domains, social media, emails, and addresses. You cannot find such results and addresses anywhere else. The user will also get the data on organic ranks and ad distinctions for the past years.

Google Search Console Top SEO Software

» About Google Search Console:

The Google Search Console is the best Google SEO tool since it has these amazing abilities. These abilities include enhancing the performances in Google searches. Plus, the search console toolsets and report solutions. Such solutions allow the user to measure the website’s search traffic and the working.

You can also treat any troubles. Similarly, it helps the website to reach the topmost level under Google Search result sets. Now, you can also adjust the content using the search analytics. Here, you can check which queries bring users to your site. Analyze the website’s impressions, clicks, as well as positions in Google searches.

» Major Features of Google Search Console:

SEO audit
› Search queries feature
› Search keyword feature
› Crawl status
› Sitemap feature
› Robots.txt feature

» Why did we choose Google Search Console?

We chose the best SEO software Google Search Console since it has the right abilities. These abilities include getting the best content on Google. Similarly, you can submit the sitemaps as well as single URLs to crawl. Analyze the index coverage and ensure that Google gets the latest look of the site.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Top SEO Software

» About Ubersuggest:

The Ubersuggest software among all SEO software tools can reverse engineer any competitors’ SEO, content marketing, as well as social media marketing strategies. This tool helps you to find insights inside the strategy sets, which are useful for competitors in the markets.

Users can adopt the strategies to enhance them and get the lead. Plus, you will find thousands of suggestions through the free keyword feature. Now, the user can also find volume, the competition, alongside seasonal trends under every keyword. Moreover, to help you complete the work efficiently, the tool creates a list of keywords. Use keywords according to the needs of the visitors to the website.

» Major Features of Ubersuggest:

SEO audit
› Keyword suggestions
› Content ideas
› Backlink checker
› A/B testing calculator

» Why did we choose Ubersuggest?

We chose Ubersuggest as the best SEO software for small businesses due to the following impressive skills. These skills include the SEO pages report, where the user will discover the competitor’s high ranked pages under popular organic keyword phrases. Plus, you can find out the pages adored on websites such as Facebook.

8. Majestic

Majestic Top SEO Software

» About Majestic:

The Majestic is the right SEO software for website improvement since it has the best features. These features include finding out the sources that link to the websites. Plus, this software maps the net to give the user the Link Intelligence information. This information will allow you to rule the markets.

Relish award-creating information through one of SEO’s best-recognized brand sets. Alongside you can get the best websites using the Site Explorer feature. Similarly, the toll will track favorite websites through the campaigns. Then, the user will get the Link Context to get links adjacent to you and any competitor.

» Major Features of Majestic:

SEO audit
› Backlink checker tool
› Keyword checker
› Rank checker
› Custom reporting

» Why did we choose Majestic?

We chose the Majestic as the right software among all Google SEO tools since it has the following qualities. These qualities include checking out each website’s highest backlinks. You can also filter stuff according to topic, feature, languages, as well as the gamut of industry-average metrics. The user will get help in comparing the critical metrics for URL and website sets.

9. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Top SEO Software

» About Screaming Frog:

The Screaming Frog is the perfect SEO software for small businesses. This tool has qualities like being the industry best website crawler for Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac OS. This software is used by thousands of SEOs and agencies throughout the globe under technical SEO auditing.

It is also helping users in enhancing onsite SEO through the extraction of data and auditing for usual SEO problems. You can download and crawl five hundred URLs freely. Users can buy the licenses to take away the limits and use enhanced benefits. The software allows you to crawl tiny, as well as huge websites effectively.

» Major Features of Screaming Frog:

SEO audit
› Complete On page audit
› Broken link checking
› Meta titles checking
› Audit hreflang Attributes
› Discover Duplicate Pages
› PageSpeed Insights Integration

» Why did we choose Screaming Frog?

We chose the Screaming Frog since it has the following excellent features. This top tool among the SEO software 2020 group can find broken links and does audit redirecting. Plus, this tool allows you to evaluate the solutions in real-timings. Moreover, you can gather critical onsite data to help SEOs create informed conclusions.

10. SE Ranking

SE Ranking Top SEO Software

» About SE Ranking:

SE Ranking has become the best SEO software because of the dynamic unit. It is planned to place any company’s website within the highest ten search results. SE Ranking is a system that possesses essential SEO features. It gives a higher amount of updated data to help clients and companies. You can gain access to historical information using some clicks without even leaving the interfaces. Also, you can create strategies through daily ranking updates suited for the present search volume trends.

This excellent tool completes this process by recognizing and removing any weaknesses. It is an all-inclusive SEO program that helps one hundred percent accuracy in keyword position tracking. It is a continuously developed system that can use data to assist the success of companies.

» Major Features of SE Ranking:

 On-Page & Backlink Checker
› Marketing planner
› Keyword tracker, grouper & suggestion tool
› SEO or PPC Competitor Research
› Backlink Checker and Lead Generator
› Website Audit

» Why did we choose SE Ranking?

This top product among all SEO software tools provides companies with a productive evaluation of the technical details alongside the marketing plan skill. These skills allow you to create objectives and monitor a checklist of monthly actions. Moreover, the best part is that the tool is entirely white label.

11. Moz Local

Moz Local Top SEO Software

» About Moz Local:

Moz Local can give finishing to the location information and help better distributions. It also lets you ensure information accuracy via the information cleaning method. The fantastic SEO tool distributes your location data across the search ecosystem. This leader among SEO tools helps search engines and fresh buyers recognize your local business, among numerous others.

Remove confusing work through the completely automated system that identifies, confirms, and removes duplicate listing data. Know the core of your reputation among your buyers to manage your company’s online reputation and review management quickly.

» Major Features of Moz Local:

› Improved Social posting
› Activity feed and notification alerts
› In-depth Google & Facebook integration
› Automatic duplicates deletion
› High-tech all Data cleaning system
› Real-time profile management technique
› Enhanced location management

» Why did we choose Moz Local?

We choose this marvelous SEO software for small businesses to enhance responding work through immediate alerts of recent reviews available in all the big platform websites. You can edit faster for adding rich information, specific hours, pictures, and movies. In time you will begin to see the success in scoring higher through the location data’s finishing.

12. TribeLocal

TribeLocal Top SEO Software

» About TribeLocal:

Tribelocal is that superb local SEO tool to manage listings alongside your company’s online reputation. This tool thus eases your work for business listings and managing reputation. It is a prominent SEO software for website ranking since it assists marketing agencies in creating a powerful online presence for their clients. This tool can create excellent reviews for local companies.

Get higher reviews through the consumer’s reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook presence. Get immediate and correct local SEO software to create reports for local businesses. You can also build local citations using the most affordable plans that are available. It has a partnership with more than two hundred company listings to improve your rank.

» Major Features of TribeLocal:

› Local SEO citations
› Local rank checker & tracker
› Tracks rankings of keywords
› Beneficial tool package
› Citation audit
› SEO audit and review management
› Extensive SEO software

» Why did we choose TribeLocal?

We chose this sensational SEO software since it has the following excellent features. These features include getting more reviews via consumer reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp page groups. This SEO tool is perhaps the best review generating software for your local companies. Use local citation building tools to increase profits.

13. Google My Business

TribeLocal Top SEO Software

» About Google My Business:

Use this phenomenal Google My Business tool – one of the best SEO software to communicate with consumers with not many costs. Use the Google My Business Account to obtain better business listings. This tool and business profile allows businesses to simplify connection with buyers throughout Google search and maps.

You will accomplish better customers using this great Business Profile. Now companies can upload pictures and offers in their profiles to give the company a special status. It offers your buyers several reasons to pick your products and services always. Moreover, now you offer buyers better methods to find your services. The buyer will easily link to you through calls, messages, and reviews.

» Major Features of Google My Business:

› Improved business listings
› Business profile management system
› Simplified business solutions
› Enhanced communication with buyers
› Easy call, message and review linking

» Why did we choose Google My Business?

We chose this spectacular Google SEO tools because it has these qualities. Now each buyer can readily link via calls, messages, and reviews. Find effective methods for transactions and multiply business. Use clicks, calls, bookings, follow-ups to find how your consumers use your company profile. Also, use this excellent Google SEO tools leader to increase online profits.

14. BrightLocal

BrightLocal Top SEO Software

» About BrightLocal:

Use the fantastic SEO software in 2020 called BrightLocal, which is a single all-inclusive platform for local marketing. The tool has multi-skills for offering your company local marketing success. This single platform has several robust systems within itself. It offers the skill to enhance your company’s brand awareness. You can also improve the company’s presence in specific locations.

Transform web visitor groups into profits without much effort. Multiply your company’s online visibility through citation and data aggregator submission system. Develop, check, and reply to consumer reviews throughout several sites in a single area. Check ranking data, execute SEO auditing, and collect insights to enhance local search performance.

» Major Features of BrightLocal:

› Easy reputation management system
› Marvelous citation builder
› Best agency lead creator
› Unique system for improved visibility
› Simplified local marketing
› Improved customer interaction
› Complete SEO auditing
› Enhanced local search performances

» Why did we choose BrightLocal?

We chose this SEO software for website boost since it has the following bright features. It simplifies local marketing. This tool is a local marketing platform that helps you to control SEO, business listings, and online reputation. Moreover, the tool is entrusted equally by the biggest brands, local companies, and agencies.

15. Whitespark

Whitespark Top SEO Software

» About Whitespark:

If you are looking for the best tool for local SEO, then you can go with it. You can enhance online visibility and attract new customers with this tool. This is a helpful resource that proves beneficial for every local SEO process. Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder can be the right option to know how many citations a business has.

This useful tool also helps you in discovering how to examine competitors, where to list business, and monitor local search rankings. You can make the most of such Google SEO tools. It will be easy to track organic rankings in search engines like Bing and Google with this tool. This software is backed up with an active customer support system.

» Major Features of Whitespark:

› Available in 45 countries
› Best for local SEO
› Reliable and accurate data delivery
› Easy testimonials and feedback collection
› Expanded and personalized results
› Free version available

» Why did we choose Whitespark?

This can be the best SEO software as there are so many features that allow you to find out where and how to list your business and make your SEO efforts successful. However, people can use the free version of the tool and make the most of it, but you should go with its paid version to increase the daily limit and see the full list.

16. SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler Top SEO Software

» About SEOprofiler:

If you are looking for full-featured SEO software tools, then this tool can be useful. This tool is for web page optimization, keyword research, link building, link analysis, SEO audits, ranking checks, website analytics, website monitoring, and more. You can get more customers, more visitors, increase sales, and improve rankings by using this complete SEO solution.

You can achieve your website promotion goals efficiently and quickly by using it. This is ideal for all sorts of businesses or SEO agencies. This is simple to use, so you can easily create your demo account and learn using it.

» Major Features of SEOprofiler:

› Complete SEO solution
› Best-in-class website audit tool
› Easy tracking of ranking changes
› Improve backlink structure
› On-page and Off-page optimization
› Mobile SEO and Local SEO
› Competitive intelligence
› Uptime monitoring
› Best and pleasing reporting

» Why did we choose SEOprofiler?

This is the best SEO software for small business as this is easy to use the software. Small businesses can find various features useful to promote the website. There is no need to buy multiple tools or marketing software if you are using it. SEOprofiler has each and everything that is needed to take your website to the top results in search engines.

17. Synup

Synup Top SEO Software

» About Synup:

Multi-location brands can use this tool to improve their brand image and attract new customers. This is a fully-featured tool that has easy to use dashboard. Users can use this tool to manage all their customer interactions. This is the best SEO software for the website, and this tool drives customers’ loyalty to your brands.

It helps connect customers with your brands across social media voice search, digital profiles, and many search marketing channels. It is quick and straightforward to deliver relevant brand content to consumers across voice search, Map apps, social media, local directories, search engines, and more. This product is highly user-friendly.

» Major Features of Synup:

› Suitable for multi-location brands
› Easy to manage digital profiles
› Real-time updates
› Improved search rankings
› Auto-optimized content
› Content monitoring & reputation management
› Customer reviews checking
› Digital profile performance management

» Why did we choose Synup?

This is among the best Google SEO tools that make profile management simpler. Multi-location brands can find it easy to manage clients by using this tool. They can respond to their reviews and attract them using it. Brand management is essential, and it can be comfortable with Synup’s platform.

18. Yext

Yext Top SEO Software

» About Yext:

This SEO software for small business can help grow any business by taking it to the next level. This Yext Knowledge Engine helps enhance the online visibility of any business by making the local SEO a bit easier. You can ensure your information is right across channels and save your time.

You can centralize your data and make things easier. This software tool offers your website with top-notch integration and partnership with high PR social-sites such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and more. This tool enables users to power your mobile app, website, and internal systems along with this network from Yext. Your site will become reliable. Yext Pages, Yext listing, and Yext knowledge graph can be the best source to put all facts about any business.

» Major Features of Yext:

› Custom-built local landing pages
› In-built Yext directories
› Easy-to-tag fields
› Integration-based partnerships
› Single-hub business management
› Direct interactions system

» Why did we choose Yext?

This is the best SEO software 2020 that allows you to put all facts about any business in one place so that all truths can be found by the customers easily. This can be a centralized hub that can help the marketing team to control the landing pages of your business website.

19. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers Top SEO Software

» About ReviewTrackers:

If you are looking for the best SEO software, then this can be the best option. It helps boost local SEO and grow your business. You can quickly request and respond to reviews by using it. Marketers can use it to drive revenue and amplifying reviews. Displaying business reviews play an essential role in boosting your brand image and build credibility.

You can increase online presence and manage brand reputation by displaying reviews on the pages on the website where conversion may take place. You can give a more significant presence to your business on local search by capturing valuable feedback, so try this tool.

» Major Features of ReviewTrackers:

› Easy All-listing management
› Streamline ORM strategy platform
› Secure insight technology
› Review respond capabilities
› Easy-to-use, high-featured tool

» Why did we choose ReviewTrackers?

This is among the best SEO software tools that can help respond and request reviews. It is essential to gain insight into how effective these reviews go. It is easy to track how frequently customer edits and update the reviews. This can be the right tool to manage the online reputation of any business.

20. SEMrush Listing Management

SEMrush Listing Management Top SEO Software

» About SEMrush Listing Management:

This software is regarded as one of the best SEO tools available out there as it provides you with an accurate analytics report and also gives you an insight into competitor’s strategies.

Organic research is the best function here, which entails you to study the recent trends of the competitor by seeing their best keywords and the position changes if the domain. It also helps you to strengthen your advertising research by analyzing competitor’s ad budgets and keywords. It also helps you to spot new publishers and target the right audience with the help of insights.

» Major Features of SEMrush Listing Management:

› Trend and niche research
› Interactive market insights
› Setting new industry standards
› Finds best-suited keywords
› Professional content optimization
› PDF format data
› Report management

» Why did we choose SEMrush Listing Management?

With a plethora of benefits, the list of pros is very long. The SEO writing assistant is one of the best features, and with this, it can be regarded as one of the best SEO software 2020. It modifies the content according to the readability of the audience. It also helps in retaining the same brand tone in each piece.

21. Chatmeter

Chatmeter Top SEO Software

» About Chatmeter:

This software follows a simple policy that ‘If you aren’t first, you’re last,’ which shows the immense importance of time in SEO tooling. It first shows you your rank in its tracking software then it improvises strategies made for you to help you outrank the competition. It also helps to strengthen the brand’s online visibility by providing real-time rank tracking and monitoring.

This SEO software for website equips you with a single dashboard that tracks, analyses, and works on improving the ranking of your brand. The automated tracking feature which helps you find five local competitors around you is the best one of this software.

» Major Features of Chatmeter:

› Optimization of unbranded keywords
› Comprehensive scoring tools
› Comparison of keywords by location
› Interactive research
› Builds customized reports

» Why did we choose Chatmeter?

The best feature of this SEO software is its business intelligence integrations, which give you honest feedback of your customers to modify for changes and strengthen SEO optimization. It also provides you with scheduled automated reports which can be sent to all departments, employees, and different regions with specific data.

22. SEOPressor Connect

SEOPressor Connect Top SEO Software

» About SEOPressor Connect:

This software gives you a hands-on approach to improve your rank in search results and also outrank your competitors. It gives you the most comprehensive and advanced analysis, which makes it one of the best SEO software 2020.

The feature that gives feedback and optimization suggestions helps in research and understanding the market trends; this is completely industry niched. The other important feature of this software is the SEO intelligence feature, which gives all the SEO at one place and instant alerts of your website. It helps you to put your website in the limelight and give you complete governance.

» Major Features of SEOPressor Connect:

› Multiple keyword analysis
› Instant feedback and suggestions
› Full control of your website
› Navigation is easy
› Comfortable browsing experience

» Why did we choose SEOPressor Connect?

This software also has an embedded link structure which aids the website owners to retain the attention of the user for a more extended period. The crawler control is one of the best SEO software tools of this software as it enables you to steer the audience in your direction and discover your website.

23. Uberall

Uberall Top SEO Software

» About Uberall:

The policy and functioning of this website are based on the schedule that you should show up where the customer is searching. Rather than pulling the customers to you, you can be everywhere with the help of this software’s SEO tools.

Uberall helps you to manage your listing effortlessly at a single place with no hassle. The ‘near me’ feature is the best one of the lot as it brings the consumers in the vicinity of the brand. It also gives you the platform on numerous social media platforms to showcase your brand.

» Major Features of Uberall:

› Direct link to Google
› Complete online governance
› Post on numerous social media platforms
› Adequate industry-leading technology
› Instant and real-time updates

» Why did we choose Uberall?

The presence of many features in this software makes it one of the best SEO software out there. The vast global network of this software helps the brand to increase its visibility in not just their locality but also worldwide. It is also equipped with a data cleansing technology for the data related to the location to be optimized and deliver it safely to its destination.

24. GeoRanker

GeoRanker Top SEO Software

» About GeoRanker:

If you have a start-up and wondering how to reach a vast customer base on the digital platform, then this software has all your answers. This is regarded as one of the best SEO software for small businesses by a vast majority. It offers numerous social media platforms for better visibility of the brand.

This software has a feature of organic research, which gives you an insight into competitor’s trends so that you can modify and formulate your data accordingly. This means it offers comprehensive and analytical market research. It covers a majority of search engines to give you the latest data and real-time updates.

» Major Features of GeoRanker:

› Cutting edge solutions
› Organic research
› The vast keyword data
› Worldwide data delivery
› Extensive market research
› Extracts data and keywords

» Why did we choose GeoRanker?

This SEO software for website owners is explicitly designed for small businesses as they require more visibility to the audience. This software can target a specific market and revert with carefully analyzed pricing data to modify the website’s trend accordingly. It also verifies the competitors their ads to scale up the advertising strategy.


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